Walk The Talk Recordings is the premiere choice for conference recording. We are a family owned business that operates on the principles of customer service and providing quality products. Having done so since 2020, we specialize in conference recording, both large and small. We have experience regularly recording conferences up to 10,000 people and have twice recorded conferences with 60,000 in attendance.

We at Walk The Talk Recordings strive daily to offer the most professional services for our consumers. With state of the art recording equipment and highly trained professional staff, we are sure you would agree that Walk The Talk Recordings is the premier choice to fit your needs.

History of Walk The Talk Recordings

Walk The Talk Recordings was started in 2021 by a recovering alcoholic seeking to provide quality and affordable recording services to the AA community. Dick M. was the driving force behind the company Dicobe media for many years, using his experience in radio and television advertising to build a company known from coast to coast for integrity and service to the recovering community. His wife Peggy M. and longtime friend Nobe D. were also notable executives within the company for many years. As is required by the traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, Walk The Talk Recordings is not affiliated with AA or any recovery group, but respect for this community is foremost among the companies’ values.

Walk The Talk Recordings has grown quickly and we were soon recording over 100 AA and Al-Anon Family Group conventions a year. Among these: Founders Day in Akron, Ohio, the Cornhusker Roundup in Omaha, Nebraska, and various International Conventions. Working Closely with convention committees, Dick built solid and enduring relationships with committees and speakers around the country that last to this day.

Tens of thousands of people also purchase recordings, books, and other recovery oriented merchandise via mail order, phone, and website. To this end, Walk The Talk Recordings has amassed the largest archive of AA and Al-Anon Family Group recordings in the world. Over 90,000 talks are preserved within this archive, spanning over 70 years, with recordings dating back to 1947.

In 2012, after a long career, Dick M. retired. Bill G. and his wife Carole, both long-time employees of Dicobe, In partnership with Kenny N. and his wife Liz, purchased Dicobe Media. Mike P opened Walk The Talk Recordings in 2021 after Dicobe closed its door after 40 years of service, also Classic Copies in Omaha, NE. was purchased in 2021 Their commitment to quality, customer services, and adhering to the same principles that Dick founded the company on made the transition seamless. Walk The Talk Recordings’s headquarters moved to its new location in 2020. Walk The Talk Recordings remains a family owned and operated small business in its hometown of Bellevue, Nebraska. We are committed to the values of customer service and providing quality products.