Steps and Stories by Sandy B.


For 18 years, Sandy presented a “lecture” style meeting, Saturday
Morning Live, every weekend while he was living and working in
Washington D.C. area. The meetings were held at Bethesda Hospital
and later on, when a larger auditorium was needed, it moved to the
National Institute of Health. For the first eight years, he would talk
about three of the twelve steps each week. The format then
changed to one step each week for twelve weeks followed by one
week on the Traditions and then two weeks on the history of
Alcohoics Anonymous.
After retiring to Tampa, Florida in 1996, he was asked to repeat this
series on occasion. One of the first times he agreed to do this he ran
through all the Steps and some history over the course of just one
weekend. He was very happy with the result but said that it was
exhausting. In 2007, Sandy combined the History, the Traditions, and
the Steps into a talk. He titled the series Steps and Stories, and it
took place during twelve consecutive Sunday meetings at the Palma
Ceia Presbyterian Church in Tampa.
Sandy considered this talk to be his quintessential work and we are
sure you will agree. He recounts the remarkable confluences of
people that lead up to Bill W. & Dr. Bob first meeting in Akron and
tells little known stories from early A.A. history and along the way.

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Sandy B.

Tampa, FL

Steps and Stories


Tampa, FL


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